Following this month’s news of Robert Pattinson taking on the iconic role of Batman, fans are picking their favourite Dark Knight. After The Hollywood Reporter commissioned a poll to find out whether DC fans were in favour of the Pattinson’s casting (which showed they would have preferred Nicholas Holt) the outlet decided to have the Internet vote on their favourite Batman overall. Out of Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Christian Bale or Ben Affleck, the race was close. Bale Wrap Film Suppliers Bale ultimately gained the popular vote with 39 per cent, just ahead of Keaton with 38. Bale starred in the “Dark Knight” trilogy, while Keaton teamed up with director Tim Burton for his run in the ’80s. Christian Bale and Michael Keaton are the most favorably viewed actors who’ve portrayed Batman, a new @THR/@MorningConsult poll finds Earlier this month, director Matt Reeves announced his pick as the Caped Crusader for his upcoming film “The Batman”. Plot details are still being kept under wraps. Silage Film, PE Protective Film, Bopp Packing Tape, Bale Net Wrap – Tongfenghe,