KBM Affilips offers a complete range of alloys for the global aluminum industry including the Aluminium-Boron master alloy. Industrial practices at one time used the boron containing chemicals borax or potassium fluoborate in order to introduce boron into a system.

However, chemical reactions taking place in the holding furnace or reduction cell caused challenges such as unpredictable and low boron yield and environmental pollution. Both the practices are presently obsolete and have been substituted by aluminium-boron (AlB) master alloy addition.

International standards for electrical conductivity (EC) grade aluminium specify a maximum resistivity of approx. 0.028 Ohm.mm²/m. Aluminium for such applications is treated with boron to neutralize the harmful effects of titanium, vanadium, chromium and zirconium on the electrical conductivity. These elements are precipitated by boron as insoluble borides, meaning they are no longer detrimental to conductivity out of solution.

Iron, manganese, and silicon can also have an adverse effect, but are not removed by boron treatment. Continuous addition of AlB rod into the launder during casting can be done using the KBM Affilips engineered rod feeder. AlB master alloys are produced in the following forms:

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